How to get instant monetization with the TikTok creative program

TikTok has become one of the biggest entertainment platforms around the world. People both
young and old frequently use TikTok, to either make videos or watch them. And some people
who can get enough views can monetize the content that they create. TikTok monetization let’s
people make the content that they want full time.

A recent creator earnings report takes a closer look at the typical salary for influencers and
content creators. Their survey reported that 48% of creators earned less than $15,000. 9%
earned between $15,000 and $25,000. With the TikTok creative program, there are possibilities
for you to be part of the higher earning tier with TikTok’s instant monetization.

What is the TikTok creative program?

In February of 2023, TikTok introduced the TikTok creative program and said the fund would
result in higher payouts for their creators. The TikTok creative program will start on December
16, 2023, after the creator fund program discontinues. TikTok has said the rewards formula for
the Creativity Program has been formulated to offer a higher average gross revenue for qualified
video views. Unlike the Creator Fund, which didn’t have a specific requirement on video length,
the Creativity Program rewards creators who make videos longer than one minute.

TikTok says the new TikTok creative program fund will enable creators in different countries to
make more money for video uploads over a minute.

Creator fund:
In the summer of 2020, TikTok set aside $200 million to pay U.S. creators in what it called a
“creator fund” for TikTok monetization users. This wasn’t a common practice at the time. The
more seasoned platform, YouTube, paid creators by distributing funds through its partner
program, established in 2007. The program allowed for revenue sharing on the advertisements
that play on creators’ uploads. But over the last few years, as every social media company has
tried to compete with TikTok’s growing popularity. One of the ways that they have done that is
with their own creator programs: YouTube established a $100 million creator fund for Shorts,
Snapchat is offering cash prizes for submissions to make certain challenges more prominent
and Instagram is showering Reels creators with gamified cash bonuses.
However, starting from December 16, 2023, the Creator Fund will discontinue in the United
States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Creators currently enrolled in the Creator Fund
can easily switch to the Creativity Program.

How Much Does the Creative Program pay?

TikTok has yet to release information on the exact payment amount for the program. However,
many are speculating that the TikTok Creator Fund used to pay between 2 and 4 cents per
1,000 views, or $20 to $40 for a million views. The program offers higher cash incentives with
earnings based on qualified views, allowing you to earn up to 20 times the amount previously
offered by the previous program. By joining the TikTok creative program, you’ll have access to
an updated dashboard to view video eligibility, estimated revenue, video performance, and

The Requirements for the TikTok creative program include;

  • You need to be 18 or above 18
  • The user must have more than 10,000 followers on their TikTok accounts
  • The user should have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days
  • The user’s videos must be at least one-minute long
  • The user must have a personal account, and Business accounts are not eligible

Additionally, content creators are only allowed to monetize videos with royalty-free music. This is
a controversial choice, as many trends and viral videos contain copyrighted music. According to
TikTok’s rules, content must be “original.”

What is TikTok monetization?

TikTok monetization allows you to earn money with each of your videos. To enable monetization
for your TikTok account, creators with 1,000+ followers can livestream and collaborate with other
creators to grow their account and aim for the TikTok creative program, which can offer higher
prices based on video performance.

Growing your following organically is essential, since you need to have a certain number of
followers to make money on TikTok. These followers are real people who are watching your
videos and are interacting with your posts, fueling your engagement. Your follower count
determines your reach and influence, not to mention that it shows the number of people
interested in your content to help get TikTok monetization.

Buying followers might have a very short-term positive impact on your account and can get your
TikTok monetization, but over time, fake followers will negatively impact your overall brand
performance on TikTok. Here is a course to help you learn more about TikTok monetization in

Ways to get monetize in a short time on TikTok:

Instant monetization with TikTok can come in many ways, like partnering with brands, selling
your products/services, partnering with other creators, or collecting tips/donations from viewers.
But some of those are for the long term. There are some ways to gain monetization in an

Using social media:

TikTok’s interconnected relationship with Social media, has become vital for every marketing,
including media marketing. Every business and every influencer must be connected with their
consumers via social media. One of the main reasons TikTok influencers became famous was
because of social media.

Facebook can be used as a social media platform that can upload a compilation of your TikTok
videos to gain more followers on both social media, Facebook and TiKTok.

Instagram has given TikTok creators a way to gain fame because of the Instagram reel feature.
This feature helps a TikTok creator to upload their TikTok video on Instagram; if the page is
public ,the creator, then it can lead to a wide range of audiences.

This is done by the algorithm of Instagram and by the hashtags used in the caption used in both
the TikTok video and the Instagram reel. You can upload the same video on both platforms to
boost engagement and increase your revenue.

Using hashtags #

TikTok hashtags help categorize video content uploaded to the platform. These can make it a lot
easier for users to find the content that they like. Someone searching for the hashtag #Gaming
on TikTok, for example, can discover video content surrounding games and all sorts of gaming
related content. Or if someone searches for the hashtag #PTD, they’ll find content related to the
BTS song, Permission to Dance.

Hashtags on TikTok work just like they do on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Adding a
certain hashtag to a video will make the content discoverable when someone searches for the
hashtag. This allows users to join in on trending or relevant topics with the right hashtags. This
can help start trends and can also help you increase your viewership.

Being an entertainment-focused platform, the hashtag with the most views is #foryou, sitting at
over 29 trillion views. Other popular categories include dance, pranks, fitness and sports, home
renovations/DIY and beauty/skincare, with viewership easily breaking past the billions.
Create appealing challenges that encourage user-generated content. These challenges appear
in the Discovery section on TikTok. This option is only available to managed brands that work in
collaboration with TikTok sales representatives.

Adding hashtags to your video captions can help you get your content in front of TikTok users
who aren’t already following your account. When you use a hashtag relevant to the content of
the video, you could attract people who are already interested in the topic. This can help you
gain more followers.

Boost views on TikTok:

If you have already uploaded some videos, then you might have noticed how difficult it can be to
get noticed on TikTok. In that case, you should boost your viewers for instant monetization with

If you’ve created a video that has performed well, you should use that to your advantage. Make
it a multi-part series by coming up with more content of a similar nature. For example, the
Morning Brew team created a video translating words into corporate speech. Their audience
loved it, so they started creating more. TikTok also allows users to create playlists now, so you
can add all of the parts of each series to a list, making it easier for users to view similar videos in
a single feed.

Follow viral TikTok trends surrounding dances or other challenges. One of the best ways to gain
an understanding of viral trends on TikTok is to spend a good bit of time actually consuming
content on the platform. Take a look at competitors and other brand accounts, but simply scroll
for a bit each week as well to make sure you stay up-to-date on new TikTok content trends. Use
Google Trends, too, to keep in touch with worldwide audiences too.

Choose a niche

Choosing a niche can be difficult for many people because of the sheer number of videos that
people can find. The most popular categories surrounding TikTok include gaming, music,
fashion, etc. But there are some niche categories that have a lot of untapped potential. You will
also likely need content to help get you instant monetization with TikTok.
You can find these niches if you go out searching for them. For instance, tutorials about Amazon
seller account and its tips, quick cooking videos, and information about lesser known sports and
animals. Make sure that the videos you post are funny or informational, and nothing that is too
upsetting or takes advantage of an individual. History facts like WW2 facts or old war myths,
product reviews, or even educational content in general.

You can also be a part of the TikTok creative program by uploading videos that are longer than
one minute. This can help you to make content about different niches or even find a niche within
a niche, letting you stay relevant with trending topics without having to rely on the shorter
format. Educational content can often take advantage of the longer runtime.

Faceless content:

If you want to enter a niche and don’t want to use your face for any reason, the good thing about
TikTok is that you can grow a sizeable audience without having to show your face. You can use
text and voice-over to convey information in your content, like travel facts, cats, and any other

Consistently posting videos:

To instantly gain monetization, you would need to upload content to your account regularly in
order to gain followers and views quickly and organically. You need to at least post 4 to 5 pieces
of content daily to slowly improve your following, since you will also be using trends and relevant

Going live:

TikTok live allows creators to reach a fairly large audience. TikTok LIVE can even allow viewers
and creators to interact in real-time. As a creator, you may have access to LIVE functions such
as effects, multi-guest hosting, moderation, LIVE Gifts, and other settings. As a viewer, you can
support your favorite creators’ content by watching them LIVE. You can also subscribe to their
LIVE communities, participate in the chat, react to their livestream with virtual Gifts, and more.
But to go live, you need to be at least over 18 and must have at least 1000 followers or more,
depending on the region you are in.

In some cases, there can also be a processing fee that can differ across regions. Because
TikTok wants to help creators grow and become more popular, they also create video gifts. This
feature gives creators another chance to receive Diamonds by letting their viewers send them

virtual gifts in the comments section of their videos. Consequently, TikTok awards Diamonds to
creators based on their video’s popularity and other vital metrics.

Hosting a LIVE session can also help creators make money. When you go LIVE, your viewers
can send you Gifts, and you’ll see them appear on your video too. At the end of your broadcast,
you’ll see the total gifts that you received in your LIVE summary. The creator can turn the gifts
into diamonds, and in the app, diamonds can be converted into fiat currency. Live helps you
gain new followers and gifts.

TikTok remains one of the biggest platforms for people to effectively grow their audience and
make money with the content that they create. And with the suggestions mentioned in this
article, you can easily make more money with your uploads.

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