Deigo Who Was 310 lbs Ex Marine Officer 4 Months Ago Stunned Everyone Became The Top Police Officer

“I never thought that I could achieve something like this in just 4 months!”

by. C. Edward, July 27, 2020 | 58,724 views

Diego was part of the elite marine corps, however, he suffered a severe injury during a mission in middle east and led him to be bedridden for 7 months back in his hometown.

During this period, Diego felt frustrated and so he turned to food for comfort until his weight ballooned from 196 lbs to 310 lbs.

In an exclusive interview with JustIn news, Diego revealed his secret on shredding his massive weight in 4 months and became the top police officer in the city.

He Suffered With Severity Injury And Led him to be Bedridden...

Diego as part of a 10 man marine corps assigned to identify and nullify a threat in the middle east.

however, the mission didn't go as planned as Diego suffered multiple shots leaving his troop no choice but to fall back. The injury led Diego to be bedridden for 7 months back in his hometown.

During this period, he felt frustrated and so he turned to food for comfort until his weight ballooned from 196 lbs to 310 lbs.

Once he recovered, he checked into the headquarter and reporting for duty but Diego was asked to leave.

“they warned me that i needed to lose weight within 3 months or else, my job would be on the line…”- Diego 

He Was Humiliated for His Failure...

Things got worse when one day, Diego encountered a robbery in a grocery store, to which he went up against the robber.

However, due to Diego’s huge size, the robber easily escaped but not before stabbing him.

In the hospital, Diego found out someone had recorded the incident and shared it in social media.

“All those rude messages that bombarded my inbox led me to some dark places.”- Diego

Things got worse when his wife and kids were also targeted whenever they went out in public by making a reference to Diego.

“I never felt so devastated in my life and the worst part is, my family was being targeted too.” - Diego

He Tried Hard To Get In Shape, But NOTHING Had Worked For Him!

It was then, Diego decided to lose weight and get his life and career back on track.

Diego tried everything; keto diet for a month, lorcaserin weight loss pills and even hit the gym.

But none of them worked.

He fell into depression and often isolated himself from the world..

A Doctor's Discovery From This Mint Therapy,Has Given Him A "New Life"..

One day, a best friend of Diego named Kevin approached him.

In an attempt to help Diego, he introduced him to his uncle, Dr. Kenshuke who specialises in Traditional Japanese Medicine.

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Once applied to the skin, the patches are activated with the energy being released and this energy helps to burn the stubborn fat by stimulating hypodermic tissues.

It works more efficiently in boosting the blood circulation in the body which aids in weight loss. while preventing the development of mature fat cells at the same time.

Natural herbs such as mint leaves, salicornia and natural essential oils are used as they help to reduce the activities of the enzyme and are responsible for synthesizing fat while detoxifying the body.

After learning of this, Diego immediately got himself the Gyobushin™ and give it one last try.

And he was so shocked by the results!

It was so easy to use. He pasted the patch on his navel every night, and left it for 8 hours. That’s it!

5 days later, Diego was excited when he realized that he had lost 9 pounds.

“A week after using the patch, I’ve lost 12 pounds, and 2 weeks later, I lost 18 pounds"

“A month later, I lost 29 pounds.” - Diego

After using the patch consistently, he lost 109 pounds after just 4 months

“I now boost an amazing body which I previously could only dream of.” - Diego

Diego then returned to the Navy where he was applauded for his weight loss and take very short time to completed a mission in order creating a new record in Navy’s mission history.

This incredible achievement led NMC to honour Diego with a title but Diego politely declined it. 

He resigned his job shortly after the mission in order to join the local police department in his hometown. 3 months later, the crime rate in his hometown was greatly reduced from 77% to 25% with Diego, the prime reason.

This led Diego to be applauded by the entire city with the local newspaper headlining “From Zero to A HERO”

“I was annoyed when they stripped my title. But I couldn't be happier now especially with my weight loss, all thanks to Gyobushin™!” - Diego

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