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Anti-Snoring Magnetic Nose Device

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Snoring is bad for health

Why Do People Snore?

Snoring is caused by laryngeal tissue implantation, which causes the upper airway to collapse.

When the airflow passes through the narrow part, it will produce vortex and cause vibration, which leads to snoring.

It also known as "complication of sleep apnea" in medicine.

Snoring may affect your breathing tube, changing from nasal breathing to oral breathing.

Long-term mouth breathing can cause buck teeth, and airflow impacting the hard palate

It may also cause distorted deformities and even make you look ugly!

Optimizing Body Oxygen Level

This Anti-Snoring Magnetic Nose Device adopts 100% physical anti-snoring principle. 

It is clinically proven to optimize airflow through the nasal passages by up to 176.1% (Peak nasal inspiratory flow - PNIF) resulting in increased oxygen levels in the lungs.

t's ideal for use when suffering from nasal congestion during cold and allergy season, as well as helping to improve airflow to reduce snoring and promote a restful night's sleep.

Safe Material

The magnetic nose clip is made of food-grade EVA material and is completely BPA-free and has no side effects on the nose

Comfort Design

Ergonomic design to reduce nasal foreign body sensation, just put the product directly into the nasal cavity

Easy Wearing

The super soft silicone is more comfortable to wear. And the magnetic design ensures that the nose clip is firmly worn

No Slipping

Anti slipping design in order sleep at ease all night long. Help you build healthy sleeping habits

Enhancing Breathing

Adopts special magnet to optimizing nasal passage to breathing easier.
A simple and relaxing method to preventing snoring effectively

User Friendly

Fit all nosing type, friendly to adults and children. You can use it at anywhere and anytime.



Their Love Us

These have significantly reduced my husbands snoring. He still breathes awkwardly, and he said these took a night or two to get used to but we can finally sleep in the same room again! Strongly recommend.

Janie Williams

The first night I used, I was breathing easier and more deeply than before. Next morning I have to say I felt more rested. After a few nights, I am convinced that I get to sleep more quickly, sleep more deeply, and feel more rested. Now, instead of wanting to sleep late I find that I am ready to get up earlier and get my day started.

Jody Kennedy

If anything you don't snore as loud with these in which was what I hoped for mainly for the person next to me to have better sleep. What I didn't expect is that I actually felt more energized when i woke up which I'm sure has to do with getting more oxygen during sleep. I would rank it as 5 star.

Kaye Clark





Packing Size

Gross Weight

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Anti-Snoring Magnetic Nose Clip

Medical Grade Silicone



5.5 grams

Nose clip 1 unit with box

Life Time Warranty

If at anytime your Partner. Zz nose clip is anything less than perfect, we'll replace you a new one.

Cash Back Guarantee

If you feel Partner. Zz nose clip is not your favor. Our promise 30 days cash refuse with no specific reason needed. 

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Anti-Snoring Magnetic Nose Device

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