Woman Ditches Insecure Boyfriend For Making Her Grow Bigger

"I Dropped 6 Sizes In One Year" - Kylie Hansen


A WOMAN who dumped her boyfriend after just months before the big day got her ultimate revenge.

Kylie Hansen, 26, from California had always been a big girl from a young age, and would often skip school due to the extreme bullying she suffered.

She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at 13 which can cause dress size to rise, but Alicia admits she often turned to her favorite indulgences when she is stressed or sad.

“Being bigger than most led to extreme bullying in school and it got so bad I didn’t attend for up to three months at a time."

As a teenager, Jen’s frame caused her to suffer suffered from depression admitting that she was self-harming and had thoughts to end it all.

She explained: “I have always been the ‘big girl’ ever since I can remember. But it was never an issue to me until I had a wake up call.

He Wanted Me To Stay In My Lane To Control Me
But I Said "NO"

Kylie started to lose many dress sizes after stumbling on an article online about a metabolic booster developed by a renowned Japanese doctor.

“Whilst I could blame having 'big genes' from both sides of my family or PCOS from aged 13, I was still given the tools to live a lifestyle that would prevent rapid gain and chose not to use them.

“It was a vicious cycle of depression and indulgences that led to upping my dress size every year. This was fueled by a difficult relationship with my mother who used negative reinforcements whenever I turned to ice cream or cakes. I did not feel motivated, in fact, I did more of it to spite her.

“I felt like the only thing I could control in my life was the things I put in my mouth."

Devastating Change Led To A New Reckoning.

It was after her "toxic" partner broke up with her that Kylie decided to make a change in her life.

At 23 she felt ready to commit, but when she realized that her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her with multiple girls, she knew she had to make a change.

“A month later my toxic relationship ended, my world came crashing down. I was stripped to the absolute core and forced to re-examine my life's choices and take responsibility.

A Doctor's Discovery
Has Given Her A "New Life"..

One day, Kylie came across her old friend Michael Uchida on Instagram.

“I was surprised upon seeing his pictures. He looked A LOT smaller than he was in our college days!” - Kylie

Feeling curious, Kylie texted Michael, for his secret. After learning about Alicia's struggle, James introduced her to his uncle, Dr. Iwakuma who specialized in Traditional Japanese Medicine.

Dr. Iwakuma and his team from the Traditional Japanese Medical Institute (TJMI) successfully created a solution to lose 3-10 sizes after 6 years of research.

“We discovered a solution can boost blood circulation and metabolism which contributes downsizing.

Rare natural herbs such as Coptis Japonica, Sophoricoside, Mint Leave and Salicornia Herbacea are used as they help to increase metabolism and suppress appetite while burning mass.

As a measure to adapt with current busy lifestyles, Dr. Iwakuma decided to invent a metabolic boosting patch named it as RegenPatch®.

Kylie had some doubts as she had tried many other products and none of them worked.

But after seeing James's result with her own eyes, she decided to give it one last try.

And she was so shocked by the results!

Stunning Results, Effortlessly.

It was so easy to use. She pasted RegenPatch™ on her stomach every night and left it for 8 hours. That’s it!

5 days later, Kylie was excited when she realized that she had lost 1 size.

“A week after using RegenPatch™. I’ve lost 1.5 sizes, and 2 weeks later, I lost 2 sizes…"

A month later, I lost 3 sizes.” - Kylie

After 5 months of using the patch, Kylie had to give away all of her clothes that became too big for her.

Kylie attended a high school reunion. Everyone was stunned by her amazing transformation.

“I couldn't be happier. The best part is, I can indulge every now and then without worries." - Kylie

NO counting calories
NO cutting carbs
NO hours of boring exercise
NO sacrificing delicious foods
Enjoyable, FAST, Lasting Weight Loss

Since the release of RegenPatch™, the demand exploded!

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