This “Superhuman” Was Born With Super Healing Power to Remove Body Fats

WRITTEN BY John Toyy. | October 24, 2020.

"Yes. I can make anyone weight lost in just 7 days, but..." The last descendant of Hercules 

The last descendant of Hercules was found in Russia. They say “he” was born to continue his ancestor legacy to save other people's lives and true enough, he did

A year ago…a group of historians claimed Hercules firstborn son, Therimachus, had a child with his girlfriend Althaia before he died.

Since Bash has the demi god looks and has helped many of his friends with his “healing powers”...They assumed, Bash is the descendant of Hercules.

During an interview with a local radio station, Bash DENIED being the demigod himself or having any healing power.

“My parents were killed in a car crash when I was 8, so my grandfather took me in. He’s a herbalist so he has taught me many ancient herbs since I was 10.”  Bash.

“As I grew, I could make my own healing herbal blend,” Bash. 

“He use his “super healing power” to lost 31lbs of my weight just in 7 days” - Dimitri

He also added that his first “client” was his best friend, Dimitri.

Bash met Dimitri when he was in high school and they have been best friends ever since. When they were 20 Dimitri's parents died and his girlfriend left him not long after.”

“He started to binge on food to divert his sadness. At one point he had trouble standing on his own or even walking as he gained so much weight.”  Bash.

Then Dimitri lost his job and started to live on his savings. He hit rock bottom and it seems like he has given up his hope to live too.

"I have to stay with him and help Dimitri get his life back,” Bash.

Everyday without a miss, Bash will make a batch of herbal blend and put it on Dimitri belly, underarm and thigh. 

After a week of applying Bash herb blend, Dimitri could sit and stand on his own without Bash help. 

10 days later, Dimitri can walk around the house and even make his own bed. After 15 days applying Bash herbal blend, Dimitri can fit into his old pair of jeans. After a month, he can join Bash for a morning jog.

Today, Dimitri managed to land a job at a local law firm and it seems like his life is back on track.

After seeing how great Dimitri’s life is now, Bash decided that he wants to dedicate his life by helping other people out there... people like Dimitri.

"I can't image that I can make it" - Dimitri

And that’s how the leptýno® patch was created.

So, Bash started to develop his herbal blend together with his grandfather.

Leptýno® Patch was very popular as it was proven to be very effective especially for those who was struggling with weight issue,

Dr. Shown, who has been studying ways to overcome obesity for almost 20 years now also agreed that leptýno® patch was a great slimming patch in the market.

“leptýno® patch is an amazing patch because it is made from homemade natural essential oil Coptis japonica, sophoricoside, ginger, and mint leaves.” Dr. Shown.

“These ingredients are very powerful and effective if you want to lose weight.” Dr. Shown.

“But what makes it even more amazing is because it uses an ancient formula to eliminate fats through sweat, urine, or carbon dioxide when you breathe out. So, even if you stay at home doing nothing, your body is able to remove fats from your body,” Dr. Shown.

Dr. Shown explain that your body works like a ‘bank’, where fat is the reserve instead of ‘money’. The more ‘money’ you ‘deposit, the more you have to spend to slim down. 

The key for slimming is to ‘spend off’ your fat deposit. It does not necessarily need physical effort.

Protein on the other hand is the key to lose weight because it reduces the hunger hormone and boosts several satiety hormones. 

"I'm not demigod or having any healing power. I am a  decedent of herbalist" Bash

leptýno® patch start work with triggers your skin to produce amino acid the moment it touches your skin. Amino acids are important if you want to keep fit because it helps your body to produce good protein.

This leads to a major reduction in hunger and is the main reason protein helps you lose weight.
Good protein can simulate breakdown carbohydrates and fats that were stuck in your body into particular and it will be eradicated either through sweat, urine, or carbon dioxide.

Besides being a great detox for your body, leptýno® patch also increase your body metabolism.
Thanks to the production of protein, good protein store in body will transform into body muscle

More muscle makes you burn more calories due to the high thermic effect and it can also burn more calories even during sleep.

Dr. Shown then put leptýno® patch to a test with his patient in his clinic too. As expected, they experienced massive weight loss too!

The very successful respond from Dr. Shown patient,

It was so easy to use. He pasted the patch on his navel every night, and left it for 8 hours. That’s it!

5 days later, He was excited when he realized that he had lost 9 pounds.

“A week after using the patch, I’ve lost 12 pounds, and 2 weeks later, I lost 18 pounds"

“A month later, I lost 29 pounds.”

“leptýno® patch made from natural sophoricoside, ginger, mint leaves, and essential oil Coptis japonica” 

Today, leptýno® patch is known all over Europe, and only recently Bash decided to enter the US market.

All of a sudden leptýno® patch became the talk of the town and the demand for this product started to increase. 

But in order to maintain leptýno® patch quality, Bash limits the production quantity although the demand has been very high.

“leptýno® patch is fantastic! I’ve tried many slimming patches before but by far this is the best! It helps me lose weight very efficiently in a very short time,” Denise, 34.

“I’ve been using leptýno® patch for a month now and the result is amazing! It’s so easy to wear and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin,” Bella, 29.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing patch and enjoy having the Greek god’s physique! 



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