Toothbrush: The Untold Truth Behind the Dental Industry? 

Published By Dr Clara G. | Jan 26, 2021

Dr. Promesco, a dental surgeon from the board of dentists has revealed a shocking finding of the dental economy. Dr. Promesco also made a bold statement that commercial dental advertisements have been misleading us for decades. 

The demand for dentists in the US is ever increasing but recorded cases of oral diseases never went down.  

However, the mass was blamed for “not taking care of their teeth” or not “brushing properly” while giant dental care companies make USD $4-5 billion each year.

This is why Dr. Promesco has decided to come up with a new invention after gathering data of up to 10,000 people in the US on their brushing habits.

After gathering data of up to 10,000 people in the US on their brushing habits, Dr. Promesco found out that 91% of people do not actually have healthy teeth. He also concluded that the main reason behind people’s poor dental health is because of our toothbrushes. 

Regular toothbrushes simply just can’t clean our teeth properly.

A regular toothbrush can only provide up to 200-300 strokes every use and that’s not enough to effectively clean our teeth. So Dr. Promesco has come up with Dr. Poco Toothbrush

What is Dr. Poco Toothbrush

Dr. Poco Toothbrush is a vibrating electrical toothbrush that uses micromovement to clean the teeth. Electronic toothbrushes provide way more strokes or brushes on the teeth.  

How Does It Work?

Unlike other electronic toothbrushes that use an oscillating technique to polish the teeth which can be extremely abrasive for the teeth, Dr. Poco Toothbrush uses a high-velocity micro-vibrating technique that is more gentle and safer for the teeth than oscillating electric toothbrushes. 

Dr. Poco toothbrush provides up to 32,000 micro strokes per minute for a pristine dental cleaning.

Making it this decade’s biggest dental health breakthrough that does not involve expensive dentist fees

5 Presets for Easy Teeth Cleaning

The Dr. Poco toothbrush comes with industry-leading 5 preset modes pre-installed out of the box. Which is currently leading the industry with the highest and most impressive specs. Each mode had been carefully calibrated to deliver its best-intended results and it shows after our vigorous tests. Like “Polish” mode that provides up to 64,000 micro strokes to polish the teeth effectively.

What makes Dr. Poco toothbrush ideal?

Tested and Proven
Dr.Poco toothbrush has been vigorously tested and approved by the dental board.

High-Quality Material
Each Dr. Poco toothbrush is made from teeth-friendly material and is designed to last. The fine bristles of the toothbrush are made from high-quality nylon that is both effective and durable.

Dr. Poco toothbrush has also been tested to be safe to use. Its battery has also been approved safe to be used as a toothbrush.

Dr. Poco toothbrush is at least 3x more effective than a regular disposable toothbrush and 2x more than a regular electric oscillating toothbrush.

Easy to Use
The Dr. Poco toothbrush is easy to use since it comes with 5 preset settings that you can just press and use for each of its intended use.  

Over 56,000 sold: Final Thoughts

After using Dr. Poco for up to a month, its claims aren’t just blank claims. It really works! My teeth have never felt this clean and just on my second week of using Dr. Poco, I could feel my breath smelling better this is because the toothbrush effectively removed the bacteria build up on my teeth, leaving my breath smelling better than ever. Despite that, Dr. Poco is very gentle on my teeth as compared to an oscillating toothbrush that can be really abrasive on the teeth.

It is no wonder that their toothbrush is selling out. Since its launch earlier this year, Dr. Poco toothbrush has become a worldwide sensation and has sold more than 56,000 units to satisfied customers worldwide.  

Where can you get Dr. Poco

Dr. Poco is ONLY sold directly from the company itself and is unable to be purchased from major retailers like Amazon to avoid price inflation.

Currently, Dr. Poco is offering a special discount for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below if you would like to see if the discount is still available.

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